be well bakery & cafe


The Be Well Bakery & Cafe is located in a quaint shopping center in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. An evolved version of its former & smaller self, this funky and eclectic bakery/cafe embodies the nature and spirit of its owners and patrons.

Moving just a few doors down from its original 1,500-sq ft location within the same shopping center, the new 3,000-sq ft space has enabled the owners to gain much needed additional kitchen/prep areas and patron area. The clients envisioned a concept of creating a series of mini-stations (or experiences) that showcase the variety of their health-conscious food and drink menus. The mini-stations include a bakery/merchandise area, a smoothie station to imbue a fresh market, a coffee & specialty drink bar, a kid's play area, an art gallery to showcase local artists' work, a rentable small conference room, a cozy dining area, and even a live performance area.

Design inspiration was found in the clients' existing branding, specifically the flying bee in their logo. In a nod to the geometry of a beehive, various walls are adorned with the honeycomb shape of hexagon tiles. The remaining material palette serves to align with the honest and organic spirit of the cafe. Exposed steel, brick,wood, and concrete design elements were intentionally left raw and natural, finished with clear coat sealants.

The lighting design is a function of the eclectic nature of the various mini-stations. Spot lighting to showcase the fresh fruit & black board menus, ambient lighting throughout the patron areas, and accent lighting for the gallery & live performance areas. Collectively, the spatial approach, material palette, and lighting design harmonize to create an engaging and energetic atmosphere.