Cinder is located in the Rittenhouse Square district in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The design concept for the restaurant/bar was abstracted from the client's unique vision for the kitchen concept and atypical tap selections.

The primary source of design inspiration, both aesthetically and spatially, came from the menu's focus on wood-fired pizzas. Aesthetically, the material selections were derived from the color and glow of wood embers; hence the name Cinder. The warm orange glow within the custom-designed wood-fire pizza oven seems to infiltrate the space via copper and rust accent elements scattered throughout. A cool palette of blue & turquoise colors was utilized to balance out the mood, creating a chill ambiance. Clean & classic materials including white marble, black walnut, and high-end fabrics were employed to generate an intentional refinement to the overall vibe. Lastly, raw steel angles and channels were introduced to give the space some edge & industrial tones.

Spatially, the kitchen is the visual anchor from all vantage points. Located in the heart of dining room, the kitchen is placed on full display and very much a part of the dining experience. Custom fabricated steel & glass panel assemblies surround & enclose the kitchen, creating an elegant, subtle buffer out to the patron areas. The end result is a truly unique dining experience, in which the spirit of the food is also the essence of the environment.