U-Bahn is located in the Midtown Village District of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The space is an underground bar/lounge designed to be utilized as a private party venue & spill-over area for BRU Craft & Wurst, which is located above on the ground floor.

As an underground accessory space to the German beer garden above, U-Bahn follows suit with the German theme, appropriately named after the Berlin underground railway system. The underground/subway concept informed and inspired nearly all of the design decisions. These items include an artist's graffiti wall, black matte subway tiles that adorn the walls throughout the space, steel & reclaimed wood railroad ties that float horizontally off the building's existing steel column structure, a bright, bold primary color scheme, and large custom deigned graphic walls.  

The subway-inspired design elements cleverly coexist and enhance the existing raw and jagged character of the space, which was intentionally uncovered and left exposed. Strategically placed multicolored LED lights bring the atmosphere to life, accenting all of the unique and contrasting design languages. 

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Small Bar 2.jpg
Stair Shot.jpg
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